In 2007 Jason decided to form his own company and as Director of his own business he was able to manage the type of projects that assists cue-sport players around the world. One such project is Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips.

Play With Heart.

Edgardo Banguera had a dream to make the best Billiard products in the world and in 2011 his legacy now begins. The original outlined objective is to focus on ‘The Billiard Player’, his / her anatomy and the physical attributes that make the player become better. So there is no better place to begin than at the front end of the most important piece of equipment every pool player requires; the pool cue. Every pool cue is designed to hit; stroke and float billiard balls with sophisticated ease. For this to happen, the pool player must trust the front end of his / her pool cue.

Through this brand, Jason has provided over £10,000.00 towards the both professional and amateur player development. With a non-bias outlook towards player ability Black Heart Premium Tips has oversee’s the progress of Pool and Snooker Players throughout the world across all social backgrounds including Women’s Pool and Junior support programs.