Black Heart E_CLASS 2014 Review

BlackHeart Tips™: The Mystery of Spherical Arts: Part One
The Official Black Heart E_CLASS Review

Yet again I find myself in the usual self-prophesied situation of given a 3 rack start against a Euro Tour player of less ranking and ability. For sure, the Pool Demons were doing their best at that moment. With a flurry of frustrated potting I did sink the 9 ball; yes I did make the score 3-1; But oh no, I did not mean to strike my cue tip from the end of my ferrule in petty anger! Having glanced at what was left of my tip, I realised that it was the tip that had split apart from itself, leaving only 2 layers on my ferrule. Out of luck and with only one, five minute ‘time out’ allocated per match, I needed to think fast on my feet.
Rushing out of the Arena in rage having notified my opponent of the ‘time out’, I dashed to the resident cue repairer of the 2009 French Open in Paris and pleaded for his immediate attention and assistance. Alessandro looked at me, turned and said “Don’t panic I have a tip for you and I will install it right away”. Alessandro had no Kamui tips but was fitting a Black tip. “What’s that?” I said in FEAR! “The best, It’s a Black Heart E_CLASS”, replied Alessandro…

…So 12 adrenalin pumped minutes and 20 Euros later I was back at the table.
The tip played sensationally well which proves that Pool Billiards is all in the head, and when put in a situation the human soul will respond accordingly with either negative or positive reaction. In this case the reaction resulted in a 9-8 win to the ‘Lone Wolf’ and so began a new affiliated endorsement of the Black Heart tips.
So what are the playing advantages of the Black Heart E_CLASS tip?

Porosity Technological Advancements – An informative discussion
Coming from the word porous believe it or not there is a serious need for minute openings in the surface of your cue tip which allows liquid to pass. Sound crazy doesn’t it?

Yet any serious tour player who brings skills to the battle (past or present) beyond the call of their local club will know that during a 3-4 days play of top flight Pro Pool, the environment and subsequently the playing conditions from day one is subject to change, thus having an effect on the table cloth, the table cushions and the balls. This is mainly down to humidity or put simpler, the continuous beads of sweat dripping like a disused drain-pipe from the brow of under pressured world class players. The heat generated in a poorly air-conditioned function room of a Hotel can become unbearable. This is why the top player will wear porous sports clothing such as a sweatshirt. So it stands to reason that if the elements are due to change because of humidity, then surely your cue tip will become vulnerable to the same effect? Yes is the answer, but not with the Black Heart E_CLASS. And here’s why…
With its newly conceptualised manufacturing process, the Black Heart E_CLASS tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin, allowing the Black Heart E_CLASS tip to grip onto chalk. This is the key to its success. For the more chalk that grips onto the tip, the less chance that the ‘playing environment’ can take effect on the consistency of each shot. In other words, by allowing a minute amount of perspiration into the tip, allows the tip to grip more chalk, which in turn brings a greater level of consistency to each cue stroke, limiting miss-cues, with better reassurance of additional reliability.

Installing your Black Heart E_CLASS Tip
The application and amount of the correct Adhesive to the cue tip and ferrule is absolutely critical to the success of defusing the amount of stress endured by the cue tip.

Trimming: Always use a lathe. If you do not have access to a Lathe or have not acquired turning skills then may I suggest that you wait until your next tournament and go see your local Cue Doctor? This is why we carry spare shafts right?

Shaping: Consult and liaise with your cue tip fitter (it’s amazing how much you’ll learn) to ensure the tip has been installed exactly the way you like it. All too many fitters will leave your tip with a high percentage of layers for you to ‘sand-down’ yourself as he or she will be busy completing similar jobs for the many hoards of players attending tournaments. But I am sure once the busy turnstiles have come to a standstill your cue tip fitter will only be too delighted in accommodating your every need.

Hint: Spend as much time within the pre-gluing and post-gluing processes as possible, even when using ‘Super’ Adhesives. Personally I recommend you allow a drying time of up to 24 hours before beginning the post-gluing process. Honestly! Also allow the adhesive to ‘work’ itself on the surface areas. Note: This does not mean that the more adhesive applied the less stress the cue tip will be placed under. Regular users of adhesive will know that too much application will create a messy, sticky and unworkable surface that will not dry but damage in this case; your Ferrule, Shaft and ruin your brand new $17.50 Black Heart E_CLASS tip.
I strongly recommend using Loctite Super Gel adhesive (This stuff is the best and can be purchased on the high street).

But for all my gained knowledge over the years, I fully recommend that you watch this great video presentation by Bob Dzuricky.
A full step by step guide on how to install their tips correctly.

The Black Heart Brand of cue tips hold up to stress superbly due to the highly processed 100% South American Boar skin layers of higher porosity. The BlackHeart™ tip comes in various grades ranging from super soft to hard. So whatever you’re playing needs are you can be sure that Black Heart Brand delivers a high end quality product.

So all in all, don’t just accept my opinion but test the Black Heart E_CLASS for yourself and increase your game to a higher level. Even if it is only minute!
Reviewed by Jason ‘The Lone Wolf’ Lawrence
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Rating 9.5/10