Aramis Review: Play Hard, Smell Good.


A Personal Review
The following review is based on personal experience only.

1985 at the age of 13 was the year when I first encountered aramis, Fragrance for men. In a time when social media could only be considered as science fiction the only way one could learn and engage with the product market sector was by getting of your own backside and try and buy for yourself without the bias of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or the likes of. 

I confess to not have any scientific laboratory experience or factual knowledge there of, so my opinion is simply based on what I like and don’t like. For the experts out there I shall list a specification of the aramis fragrance including middle and base notes at the end.

So my aramis journey began as a teenager whilst learning the pains of growing up with likeminded friends as we strived to understand the complexities of adulthood. After an hours long bus ride into the city centre of Birmingham my friends and I should laud the Bullring shopping centre to meet and flirt with our female counterparts. But not before we all got spruced up at the local fragrance parlour, which for us was Debenhams (today, the House of Fraser). 

For adults who simply wanted to try new fragrances, it’s as easy as it is today as it was back in ’85. However, a thirteen year old had to use charm and wit; Stating “I want to buy my dad a birthday present and my mom gave me this…” Whilst presenting a £5.00 note in my hand as a potential sale offering. It was easy to use one’s charms and smiles to gain the trust of the boutique shopping floor assistant. At this point we could try as many fragrances as we chose too… And we did!

Today, men have more variety of choice to which ‘smellies’ (what youths would call Eau De Toilette), suits them best. We can even have a different fragrance for different occasions from the day to day going to work fragrance to the celebration of a wedding; the decision is an endless road of discovery.

So together with friends, a trial of fragrance after fragrance began… This selection process went on for weeks, sometimes leading to the girls in the shopping mall swiftly seeking alternative locations to hangout simply because our whiff wasn’t to their liking. But a thirteen year olds highly charged quest for a newly bitten beauty spot (a bruise to the neck cause by long periods of sucking from a chosen partner; In way of showing affection) was a never ending, hormone driven quest.

So one particular Saturday me and a friend chipped (got on the Bus) into town. We bypassed security on ground floor and exited the lift onto the boutique floor in Debenhams. We could pretty much guarantee that the sale assistant from the previous week would change to a new member of staff; so we used the ‘ol Dads birthday ploy again and again.
We gaged and locked in on towards the display cabinets filled with fragrances. By now we knew which ones to stay away from. I called by buddy over saying “Hey, what about this one. We haven’t try this yet…” So we decided to take the plunge by picking up, what has now become the iconic deep brown, gold text logo of the aramis fragrance bottle. Past experience taught us not to spray more than one fragrance on our attire, so we simply squirted and quietly left via the escalators. As we walked ourselves over to McDonalds to hangout our choice of spray began to settle whilst we tugged our shirts closer to our noses to smell the fragrance. What happened next has stayed with me up to present date.

That day me and my friend ‘chipped’ back home both hiding our necks so our mothers would not catch on, which would have been embarrassing for them and us.

The aramis Perfume:

The smell captures a sense of purity and innocent pleasure. Rich and far removed from alternative brands; aramis’ oxhide rooted ripened essence leaves a seasoned trail of legitimise empowerment. A labourer could quite easily be working the garden or fixing the roof and the smell of aramis would deceivingly dampen their toil. The words Natural Spray appear on the bottle, which is a characteristic prevalent at all times.

For sure; these are not the word of a thirteen year old. But the words of a man that has chosen for 32 years to not only wear aramis Eau De Toilette but also the aramis antiperspirant spray as well.

Skin Allergies:
As a maturing Afro-caribbean adult, I’ve learned the hard way that not all fragrances and antiperspirant brands are suitable to my skin. People with higher pigmentation of Melanin can often suffer from sensitive skin. I can say without doubt and full of confidents, that aramis has never caused a reaction to my skin. For this I am truly grateful.

As Jamaica’s No.1 Billiard player. It is important to carry myself with dignity and as sense of humility at tournaments and exhibitions. Today, I also run my own small business and regardless of meetings, work or hire my aramis is always at my side. It’s consistency stands by aramis’ original statement of Vaporisateur Naturel.

Me & my aramis; have travelled thousands of miles together.

Accept no imitations.
By Jason Lawrence BSc
Jamaica’s No.1 Professional American Pool Player 

2.0 FL OZ
LIQ / 60ml
Noted Origin:
Middle notes: Pelargonium, Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood;
Base notes: Leather, Aakmoss, Amber.

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